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Richardson & Huang team up for JIA AND THE NIAN MONSTER

This kids' graphic novel hits shelves in 2020.

Dark Horse’s majority owner is now a Chinese company

But founder Mike Richardson still owns a "significant chunk" of the company.

Dark Horse adds Chinese partner to fund film and media

Visionary VanGuard Media will partner with Dark Horse and add its chairman to the DH board.

SD Comic Fest ’18: A Spotlight on Karen Berger’s Career at...

“You can count the comic book editors on one hand who are so influential to the medium and whose vision for their material is so strong that they really define a brand that gives the audience that kind of confidence. And one of them is here to my left, Karen Berger.”

Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson is coming right for you…on the...

It's true! As Instagrammed by Portland resident and Boilerplate co-author Anina Bennett, Dark Horse's founder and owner Mike Richardson is part of an ad campaign for New Relic, a software development company that counts Dark Horse as a client. Smart choice, as it allow great use of the Hellboy imagery as well.