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SDCC ’19: Marvel announces THE AMAZING MARY JANE & new SPIDER-VERSE...

Mary Jane's solo title debuts this fall, plus new art from Marvel's Spidey titles.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: FEARLESS #1 chronicles the lives of Marvel’s fiercest women

These are the women of Marvel: bosses of space, goddesses of the skies, protectors of the planet.

CHASTITY Returns in a New Series by Leah Williams

Chaos! Comics' Chastity gets resurrected by Dynamite this September

GWENPOOL returns in new miniseries by Leah Williams and David Baldeon

The series finds Gwenpool attempting to stay out of comic book limbo.

The Marvel Rundown: The X-TREMISTS strike the AGE OF X-MAN, and...

Nate Grey's hitmen are revealed, Steve Rogers is an agent without a cause, and Carol Danvers is late for a very important date.

INTERVIEW: Leah Williams Says Writing Comics Professionally ‘Feels Like Getting Away...

Leah Williams tells The Beat about her transition from comics fan to comics pro.

Marvel Enlists Heavy Hitters for 6 AGE OF X-MAN Mini-Series

To top off an explosive week of announcements, Marvel premiered covers, titles and creative teams for six Age Of X-Man mini-series on Nov. 16.

NYCC ’18: The Women of Marvel Live Podcast Announces New “Black...

The Women of Marvel, a bi-weekly podcast, hosted a panel featuring female Marvel creators and characters.    The panel was hosted by Judy Stephens (producer and host) and Sana Amanat (VP...

‘X-Files, but lesbians and magic’: Leah Williams Writing New Neo-Noir Comic,...

The 10-issue series to be published by Lion Forge is due in April 2019, and it will be a neo-noir story of a photographer who can share the last images captured by the eyes of the dead.