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If You Like Sheena and Statues, Dynamite’s Kickstarter Is for You

Dynamite has launched a Kickstarter this week to raise funds for a stunning Sheena statue based on J. Scott Campbell’s cover from Sheena Queen...

Marvel Reveals Five J. Scott Campbell Covers For X-Men Black

Portrait covers for the one-shots

By Its Cover #7: Spider-Man’s Tangled Web Of Variant Covers

Amazing Spider-Man #800 practically shipped with 800 covers. How many is too many?

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/13/18: The bride wore white

§ Nice Art: Kitty Pryde and Colossus are getting married and Marvel previewed the bride's gown in covers by Phil Noto (below) and J....

Dynamite news: Evanier writes Grumpy Cat meets Garfield; Killer Instinct; Sheena...

Creative teams for the Garfield/Grumpy Cat team-up and Fruit Ninja are announced, as well as a new Killer Instinct comic and variants for Sheena #1.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 11/2/16: J. Scott Campbell rethinks Riri and redeems...

https://twitter.com/JScottCampbell/status/793641568804536321 § Nice art: In what he billed on FB as a "rethink", artist J. Scott Campbell tweeted the above image of Riri Williams, the...

Midtown and Marvel cancel Riri Williams Invincible Iron Man variant

In a shocking display of good taste, and stunning acknowledgement that it isn't the 90s anymore and girls read comics now, Midtown Comics and Marvel jointly decided to pull the J. Scott Campbell cover that presented an overly sexualized version of 15 year old Riri Williams.

Wondercon’15: Aspen Comics Familiar Places With New Faces

Aspen Comics' Wondercon panel runs down their 2015 and shows off incredible artwork.
spider-man 30

Separated at birth: Spider-Man and Spider-Woman?

In commenting on his FB page on how drawing a sexy cover got attention at EW.com, artist J. Scott Campbell posted this classic...