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INTERVIEW: Hazel Newlevant examines privilege and coming of age in NO...

Hazel Newlevant discusses the creative process behind their autobio graphic novel.

14 fabulous moments from the 2019 Queers and Comics conference in...

Check out the live line drawings artist Becky Hawkins drew of the funny, interesting, and sometimes perplexing moments of the Queers and Comics conference.

Crowdfunding Watch: The New Year’s Day Edition

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I am here to ponder if that is true? Did you miss these missives? I...

HYPE: Preview of Hazel Newlevant’s No Ivy League, coming in 2018

Here's a preview of Hazel Newlevant's debut graphic memoir, No Ivy League, a tale of teenage discovery and racial tensions set in Portland, OR.

The Beat Annual Creator Survey 2017 Part 1: What will...

It's time! The Beat's Annual Creator Survey is where we look forward to the year to come and reflect a little on what has just passed in comic, with opinions from a wide swath of industry creators, pundits and retailers. This time out, because 2016 was a little rough, I've added a question about what inspires our survey takers, because we can all use a little something to feel good about.

Comic Arts LA will rekindle your love for comics

Comic Arts LA was a show to make you happy about comics and inspire you for the next 12 months.