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Catwoman gives chase in BATMAN: HUSH clip

The iconic Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee storyline comes to life!

BATMAN: HUSH Blu-ray/DVD Release Moved Up 1 Week

Hitting shelves this August!

BATMAN: HUSH Animated Film Release Details Announced

The Dark Knight matches wits with his most formidable adversary in Batman: Hush coming this summer!

Fan Favorite Storyline Gets Animated in BATMAN: HUSH Trailer

The Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee is adapted for animation as Batman faces an enemy who knows all his secrets!

Sgt. Rock, Sandman’s Death, and More Among New DC Showcase Animated...

Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, Death, The Phantom Stranger and Batman: Death In The Family Spotlight Ambitious Quintet of New Titles

BATMAN: HUSH Animated Adaptation Release and Voice Cast Announced

Fan favorite storyline arrives in time for Batman 80th Anniversary!

WonderCon ’17: How to Write Great Dialogue for Cartoons and Comics

Ever wondered what the differences were for writing with a book in mind versus that of animation or comics? Are you an aspiring writer...