Just a few days ago we mentioned how digital comics magazines for the tablet are the next frontier, and here’s another new one, INK.

INK’s pedigree is pretty good: It’s produced by the students and faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York, a hotbed of cartooning talent and innovation. The first issue can be read for FREE and downloaded for iPad or read on the web.

INK, a free digital magazine devoted exclusively to comics and designed for the iPad, has launched. Published by the School of Visual Arts (SVA), INK transforms the experience of reading a comic with a custom-built app and exclusive content by aspiring and renowned comics artists. INK is also an open invitation to all sequential storytellers to make something new, to strive for something beyond what is already known, to add to the conversation.

“I am pleased and proud that the students in SVA’s BFA Cartooning Department continue to point the way forward for their chosen field,” says SVA President David Rhodes.

INK is intended to nurture the development of emerging comics artists, break ground within the worlds of comics, education, and publishing, and to set a standard for how the next generation of storytellers will approach publishing and distribution. Every installment of INK features a selection of work by aspiring and renowned comics artists, including work by SVA students and alumni, along with written contributions by faculty members such as Nick Bertozzi, Joey Cavalieri, and Klaus Janson.




  1. Awesome! Thanks for the link, I just downloaded it to my ipad and will share the news with others as well. As always you’re on top of just about everything comics!