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§ As the first day of virtual #ECCC2020 comes to an end, surplus threads of suggestions continue to, slightly if not entirely, veil the collective fury towards our friendly neighborhood Covid-19 which is starting to seek acceptance from Hollywood. From what we know about The New Mutants, thanks to the teaser released two years ago, Stephen King-level horror is in close proximity to the story arc — something no other comic book movie has explored in depth. The April 3 release has been perpetually postponed. Lest streaming services bless us with alternates with the likes of #ECCCOnline

§ DC Justice League and Dark Nights writer Scott Snyder has some news. Dark Nights: Metal‘s sequel Death Metal is scheduled to release on May 13, warning fans he “left some threads hanging” while artist Greg Capullo‘s main concern is fans will “lose their minds” after seeing certain moments. Metal was the first series that brought the Dark Multiverse into existence, following the Batman Who Laughs and countless other of our worst nightmares. Snyder took to Twitter today about hosting a casual hangout, the details of which we presume TBA.

§ Get yourself what you would get at the Artist Alley. Tess Stone will be streaming how each commission comes to life in what is called a ‘digital convention commission.’ Submit your request today and watch your description of something/one sketched as if you were at the Alley. Nostalgic already? Sign up now! 

#eccconline attendees
Commission sample by Tess Stone

§ After cancelling his graphic novel Dragon Hoops book tour, Gene Luen Yang strangely announced a virtual tour this week. No, seriously, this tour involves sketches of himself traveling as a cartoon. Phenomenal.

§ As previously announced, Yang will be taking over Marvel’s Shang-Chi series with its first issue scheduled for a June release. We’re pumped for the issue after chatting with Yang, especially what representation means to the new generation of comics readers. Indeed, the cinematic revolution by Black Panther (2018 film) reverberated through the comicsverse much stronger than any other character we know today but that was just the surface. 

Cover art for Marvel’s Shang-Chi series

§ Here’s just a few of the Artist Alley attendees who are accepting commissions online if you want to just sign up and get your swag this #ECCCOnline. Turn your pet into a cartoon? Sign us up! Some of them are hosting LIVE sessions on their Twitch accounts too:


§ Speaking of Twitch, you can now watch the full first day of the Very Very Shopping Network’s #ECCCOnline programming. Today’s broadcast begins at 2:00 Pacific.

§ Level Up Dice is beating everyone at the whole online game by displaying a banner on their web store that reads, “No-cost Domestic (US only) shipping this weekend only” which essentially equals using The Mind Flayer in D&D but we love it! Look out for 1985 Games, Elderwood Academy and Sanshee for they have free shipping. Others have a minimum purchase fee.

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Check back for more #ECCCOnline announcements throughout the weekend!