CBS, riding a solid critical response and a nice improvement on the time slot in terms of viewers, has ordered seven additional episodes of Supergirl.

With this new order, the first season will now be comprised of twenty episodes, which as TVLine points out is less than the standard season order. Then again, less episodes in network television often means less decompression and more “getting to the point”, which is a net positive.

Supergirl has slightly fallen off in the ratings since 13 million watched its premiere. The most recent episode pulled in 7.2 million, a season low. Hopefully news of more episodes will encourage viewers to keep checking the series out.

Have you kept up with the show? Are you enjoying it? Sound off below!


  1. The funny thing about Supergirl is that I still see it being heralded as a breakout success by critics. I don’t disagree, but it’s interesting to see that a CBS show that pulls less than 10 million is heralded as such whereas a show in the same position in 2007 would have been quickly edging towards cancellation.

    I’ve had a lot of fun with Supergirl so far. I think the writing is still trite at times, and it overexplains and reiterates points in a way that only network series do, but overall it’s been an enjoyable ride.

  2. I guess it’s a sign of my age, but this is pretty much the only superhero tv show I watch. I appreciate that they’ve gone the opposite direction of the other shows by remaining bright and sunny for the most part (matched by the cinematography). At times the individual stories and villains can come off a bit pedestrian, but the show has a lot of heart and there’s always a scene or two that really hits it out of the ballpark emotionally. The show has a likable lead and supporting cast and I like the way they’ve softened Cat Grant and made her a bit more complex, rather than just made her a hardass boss. The series’ love triangle(s) also makes it work. And they’ve done a good job of including some interesting subplots that will likely pay off later down the line. With most of the other shows trying to be dark and gritty, I think this show is a breath of fresh air; it’s got more of a YA feel.

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