Summer is a novel idea for a comic aimed towards reaching people where they already are, Instagram. Each episode is tailored for the social media platform using a blend of motion, sound, and visuals. The first season of Summer was released in 2017 for French speaking audiences and quickly gained a large following. The story followed the young couple Abel and Olivia who agree to breakup in order to accomplish their summer bucket list prior to taking the plunge to move in together. Season 2, which will be released in both French and English, finds Olivia and Abel facing new challenges as the on-again, off-again couple travels up and down the French countryside.

During season two Olivia finds herself on a road trip in order to piece together her family history after the passing of her grandmother. Abel and a few friends accompany Olivia as they search for the answers to the secret her grandmother left behind.

Co-writer of the series Thomas Cadène (Les Autres Gens) explains why Summer is so perfectly suited for Instagram; “During summer everyone loves to share photos that symbolize the season such as sunsets, road trips, their feet on sandy beaches, which made Instagram the perfect medium for broadcasting Summer. We’re seeking readers where they enjoy being and hope our story will accompany them wherever their journey takes them.”

Été (Summer) series art, season one. via

The series was conceived by interactive author Camille Duvelleroy (Modern Couple) and written by Thomas Cadène and Joseph Safieddine (Les Lumières de Tyr). Season one had over 4 million views and the team behind Summer hopes Season 2 will expand its popularity as it branches out towards English-speaking audiences. Season 2 is illustrated by Angoulême Festival nominated artist, Cécile Bidault (L’écorce des choses). 

Summer is produced by by the social media series producer BIGGER THAN FICTION and co-producer ARTE, a European public TV and digital network. The second season will run a new 10 frames everyday from July 5-August 26 over on @summer_arte.

Été (Summer)

Screenplay – Thomas Cadène and Joseph Saffiedine
Interactive screenplay – Camille Duvelleroy
Illustrations – Erwan Surcouf (Season 1), Cécile Bidault (Season 2)
Music – Santoré
Coproduction – ARTE France and Bigger Than Fiction