Continuing their five-year anniversary party, webcomic collective ACT-I-VATE announces another new strip, SUMFIN’ SILLY by Xeric-winner Nathan Schreiber (POWER OUT). It’s the self-proclaimed “silliest comic on the web.”

SUMFIN’ SILLY launches Wednesday 2/2/11 on the day after the 5th Anniversary of ACT-I-VATE with “CHATTY CHUCK: I’VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY,” a sophisticated commentary on the role self-expression plays in our lives. Future installments include a summary of the historical forces that have led to the present situation in Egypt, the three important words family members never say to each other, and the role of media and parents in raising our children. 

“We live in a very silly world,” says Schreiber. “It’s time we did something about it.”

According to the PR, Schreiber is a former print designer for women’s underwear, which would give one many silly ideas.