The Suicide Squad is back; but not for long. Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, the writer/artist team behind Injustice, are taking over the team of anti-heroes and they are holding nothing back. The Squad has been absent from shelves since Rob Williams ended his run at issue 50 last year, so for fans of the series, this is both exciting – and terrifying!

Taylor is notorious for his ability to slaughter our faves in the most beautiful ways, and Redondo is the artist who he first established that talent of his. That trend continues with the current DCeased; Taylor’s mashup of a cybernetic zombie apocalypse via the anti-life equation. Needless to say, Suicide Squad will be no exception. Talking to Hollywood Reporter, Taylor made it clear that this team could look completely different from one issue to the next. For what he asserts is the first time in a long time, there will be real, lasting danger to the Squad. He even goes so far to say that the series’ second issue might as well be a new number one all to itself.

In fact, almost every sentence that’s come out of Taylor’s mouth is foreboding. He says not even Amanda Waller herself, classic leader of the captive crew, is safe. Then, of course, he expands the sentiment, saying “DC characters with years of history are going to be confined to history after issue one. Truly, no one is safe.”

Anyone who follows Taylor and Redondo on Twitter might have seen this Suicide Squad announcement coming. Over the past few weeks, the pair has posted concept art of a few new characters, along with #SquadGoalsDC. Although it doesn’t take a Brainiac to decipher that clue, it is exciting to see some new faces. The first is Thylacine, a staff wielding Australian. Though we don’t know her power, her namesake is a presumably extinct, yet adorable, carnivorous marsupial. The second is the aptly named teleporter, Wink.

Both are designed by Redondo himself. In regards to his work on Suicide Squad, Taylor says he love working with the artist for his ability to create nuance; a signature of their collaborations together. “Bruno has this rare gift to make readers feel more than almost any other artist. The loud bits and the quiet. He nails comedy and he nails sorrow. His acting is subtle and nuanced. Lots of brilliant artists can draw Batman punching someone in the face and grimacing. Bruno can draw Harley Quinn covering heartache with a smile.”

Steel your hearts. Taylor and Redondo wreak havoc both emotional and physical on Suicide Squad when series debuts in December.

suicide squad taylor
Art by Ivan Reis


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