Earlier today, Star Wars comic artist Casper Wijngaard tweeted that he had been drawing Darth Vader so often the past three months that he could probably draw him without opening his eyes. The claim was impressive – most impressive – but could Wijngaard really pull it off?

As a wise and wizened Jedi Master once said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” And Wijngaard… mostly did it?

While Vader’s visage may not be precisely on model, it’s pretty close — close enough that catching a glimpse of this somewhat squashed rendition of his iconic helmet would certainly be enough to make Kylo Ren’s heart flutter, anyway.

In addition to his art appearing in Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual 2, Wijngaard has been a regular illustrator on the ongoing series since issue 32 and is the lead artist on “A Rogue’s End,” the current story arc of the comic.

Rogue archeologist and weapons specialist Doctor Aphra has had a history that has been intertwined with Vader since her first appearance in Darth Vader (2015) #3 by Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, Edgard Delgado, and Joe Caramangna. As such, the experience of working on Doctor Aphra offers Wijngaard plenty of opportunities to draw Vader, and the skills he has honed drawing the most infamous Sith Lord have clearly taken hold more tightly than a Force-choke from Vader himself.

Casper Wijngaard closes eyes to draw Vader

It remains to be seen whether or not Wijngaard will try his hand at drawing other Star Wars characters with his eyes closed, but if the next attempt turns out half as well as this one, the Emperor may want to consider enlisting his help in designing the next round of stormtroopers. After all, they seem to be shooting with their eyes closed, so maybe their helmets should be designed by someone with their eyes closed, as well!