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This is everything.

I’ve never read a Suicide Squad comic that I can recall (although I love Copra) but I will see this film. Whether they had to do any reshoots to add “fun” and “laughs” or not, this is a lively fun, looking trailer. I esp. love the violently colored as campaign for the movie. Also, let’s face it this movie is going to live and die by how they do Harley Quinn, who is one of the most relevant characters of our times, and it looks like Margot Robbie is nailing it. Plus, the trailer includes charming Will Smith. A world of win. If this movie does as well as the buzz says, the WB will forgive everything about BvS.

they also released a mini trailer on Instagram. I love this gimmick, too. 

Directed by David Ayer, the film opens on August 5, 2016.


  1. Yeah, I’m on board for this, and I’ve also never read a Suicide Squad comic. I was leery at first; the initial trailer made it look like another dark, gloomy, depressing DC movie. But each subsequent trailer has looked better, with more emphasis on humor. Good.

    I’ve read that the failure of the light-hearted GREEN LANTERN, five years ago, spooked DC on humor in their movies. They decreed that their movies be utterly serious and joke-free. Glad they’re backing off from that stance.

  2. Very Excited!! I’ll watch the movie in theater. And I’ll love to watch her playing the character of Harley Quinn because she is wearing a very beautiful costume in Suicide Squad. Angel Jackets

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