Teased on their Tumblr a short while ago, it appears as though Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth’s Stumptown will be returning in 2014 – but not as a miniseries this time round, and also without Southworth.


Very little is known at this point, apart from the fact that Rucka will remain writer for this new series – as Southworth stated on Twitter that he will not be pencilling the series, although he’s on-board with the continuation. Dex Parios, the lead character, also seems certain to be back, if the image is any indication.

More details once Oni Press ALLOW THEM TO BE KNOWN, I suppose. While you wait, go buy the previous Stumptown stories!


  1. Ahhh bummer! I really appreciated Matt Southworth’s work on this series.
    I’m slightly disappointed but I’m now looking forward both to Stumptown and Mr. Southworth’s next comic work.

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