Game of Thrones Season 2 Poster (Image via EW)

The coffee run might be cold and late this week, but it’s also venti-sized for your weekend reading enjoyment…

Behold this simple new Game of Thrones Season Two Poster. Simple, yes, but also excitement-building, no? Yes! In more Game of Thrones news, has a lot of production info on Season 2 via the UK mag, SciFi Now, including updates on the Battle of Blackwater episode, directed written by George R.R. Martin himself. War is indeed coming, bitches.

There’s been a whole lotta John Carter news this week as well, including hints of a sequel in a long-ass interview with Andrew Stanton over at Aint It Cool and some bitchin’ set pics at IGN

It looks like that Walking Dead inside “source” was right on about the first episode, so I’m inclined to trust whatever this presumably soon to be unemployed person has to say about the rest of the season. He/she is still blabbing away, this time reporting that Dale is dying and Michonne is going to be making her sword-swinging debut this season (via Hollywood Hils). The cast members are dropping some AMCTV PR approved hints as well, with Andrew Lincoln (Rick) telling The Washington Post that viewers will learn the secret the CDC scientist whispered in Rick’s ear on his deathbed at the end of Season 1 by the end of Season 2. Jon Bernthal (Shane) also has a majorly bro-ish, chest-thumping chat with the boys over at GQ (author note: that is the MOST ridiculous sentence fragment this writer has typed all month), in which he provides some hinting corroboration to the rumors that Shane is totally dying also, by way of neither confirming or denying that he may be joining the cast of Frank Darabont’s new show, LA Noir (via GQ).

In news from the Great White Way, Julie Taymor is set to cash in on the craptastical killing machine of a musical she created, SpiderMan: Turn off the Dark, by way of a lawsuit (via Deadline)

Woot! Ender’s Game is going to start filming THIS MONTH in New Orleans, and has added Nonso Anozie to its cast in the role of Sargent Dap (via Deadline)

Congrats go out to Jimmy Palmiotti, a good friend to The Beat and all around comics nice guy, on Benderspink and Wizard Magazine’s optioning of his 2 issue comic (with art by Phil Noto), The New West (via

Aaaand more congrats to Norwegian comics superstar, Jason, who’s catchy-titled comic, I Killed Adolph Hitler, also just got optioned (via The Beat)

And congrats (I guess?) to the bean counters over at Warner Brothers for managing to squeeze yet another peso out of another existing franchise: a sequel to I am Legend has been announced (via Deadline)

Swoon Alert: Your boyfriend, Gael Garcia Bernal, has been cast in, the still in the waaaay early stages of development, Zorro Reborn. The film will be straying from traditional Zorro fare and plopping the hunky hero down in a post-apocalyptic setting (via Spinoff Online)

The opening sequence of The Avengers is going to be majorly frakking epic and action-packed, while giving you all the back story you need to know (via Spinoff Online)

Aaand, lastly, Game of Thrones sister-f*cker, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is the latest addition to the cast of Oblivion. Oblivion stars Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman and is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Joseph Kosinski, who’s also directing. (via Deadline)

Have a good rest of the weekend, people! And get your ass on the couch for the next episode of the Walking Dead tomorrow night. I know there’s been some mixed reviews, but I, for one, loved it and am going to be watching the sh*t out of the rest of this season.


  1. Any way of warning us when there are WALKING DEAD spoilers coming? I’d prefer not to know plot points ahead of time.

    [Yes, I know I could just avoid reading news sites. Just seems like you should be able to read news about the series without being told ahead of time who lives and who dies.]

  2. Ditto on wishing there’d been a simple spoiler alert in there.

    The Julie Taymor lawsuit is pretty old news, and if you actually read past the headline of the linked article, you find that the lawsuit has been SETTLED. Also, considering how sympathetic this site has been to the legal actions of Gary Friedrich, the Siegel family, the Kirby family, et al, it’s a little strange that Taymor’s action is described as ‘cashing in.’ Agreed that Turn Off The Dark is craptacular, but Taymor is in fact the original creator of the show, which is now the highest grossing show on Broadway.

  3. Dear Nerds:

    @James T – corrected.

    @JohnWarren, @CBrown – IMHO, production leaks imply spoiler alerts but if it pleases you good sirs, i will henceforth issue spoiler alerts before production leaks.

    @CBrown – As far as the Taymor suit/settlement/cash in goes, my views do not necessarily reflect those of The Beat.

  4. If Comic Con marketing is to be believed, he will be back. There were all these “where is Merle??” elaborate sets there this year…