More comics trouble in Connecticut, where an expelled high school student was arrested in Groton, following a threatening video he posted on YouTube which contained quotes from Naruto.

In the video, which Brown addresses to the students of Grasso Tech, he writes, “The Corpses Crimson Bitter Tears Will Flow And Mingle Through The Endless Sand Feeding The Chaos In Me and Making Me Stronger.” The quote is taken from
a fictional anime series about a character named Gaara who, according to several fan sites, claims only to feel alive when he kills.

While kid-friendly, life-affirming NARUTO would seem to be an unlikely role model for a would-be trouble-maker, school authorities now take a dim view of such videos after recent high school shooters were found to have posted video warnings here and there.


  1. Sorry, but I can’t stop laughing.

    If by the time you’re in high school you’re quoting Naruto, you’ve got a lot of problems coming to you. That’s a little too old to “Believe It!” I’ll give you freshman year until you should keep your Naruto fandom to a dull roar.

    I still watch it, but if I was in high school, I wouldn’t say or write a word of it in public.

  2. I quote animes all the time, and I’m 18, But an 18 year old should be smart enough to know that with all the school violence these days, that your probably shouldn’t post a quote about killing and your school together. It’s probably better that he was expelled, obviously he wasn’t learning enough if he was stupid to do that.