The murder trial of retailer Michael George continues, with testimony striking at the heart of his alibi being presented:

A witness gave testimony Tuesday that could be damaging to accused murderer Michael George’s alibi that he was at his mother’s house when his wife, Barbara George, was shot in the Comics World store they co-owned.

Customer Michael Renaud said he telephoned the Clinton Township store on July 13, 1990, from his job at Crowley’s department store at Lakeside Mall. He said he spoke to Michael George between 5:15-5:30 p.m. — a time the now 47-year-old was supposedly at his mother’s home in Hazel Park.

Witnessed also tesitfy that George knew information about the slaying of then-wife Barbara that he had not been told, such as that it had taken place in the back room of their comics store. However, the nearly 20 years since the murder has rendered memories of the case sketchy.