Stuart Immonen has apparently retired from making comics full-time. In a Facebook post this morning, Wade Von Grawbadger, who has inked Immonen numerous times over the years, announced that today’s Amazing Spider-Man #800 would be Immonen’s last comics work for the foreseeable future, though he did not rule out Immonen returning for smaller projects.

Immonen’s career as a writer and artist, including self-published books and acclaimed work for DC and Marvel Comics, spans nearly thirty years, with notable runs on Superman, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the X-Men, and most recently Spider-Man.

Immonen has yet to announce his retirement formally, so look for updates with more details once he does. A signing for both Stuart and his wife, Kathryn, is scheduled for later today at The Beguiling in Toronto.


  1. He was the best thing to hit Amazing Spider-Man in a looonnng time! It was disappointing to see such a short run by him. I suppose this explains a bit of the why. Unfortunate, as he’s an exceptionally great talent!

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