Milt Snapinn! Todd Klein is not only a letterer of renown, he’s a comics historian and he’s just begun a history of the DC Comics Offices 1982-1991 with photos, a seating chart and photos of staffers in all their 80s glory.

A satellite view from Google Maps showing the approximate location of the DC offices tinted red. On the other side of 53rd was the St. Thomas Episcopal Church and the Museum of Modern Art. As an employee of DC since 1977, I was already familiar with some parts of the Tishman building because the E and F subway train station was below it, so when I commuted to work on the E train from Penn Station, I would emerge there and walk across 52nd Street to the DC offices at 75 Rockefeller Plaza. There was a large two-floor B. Dalton bookstore at street level, on the southeast corner of the Tishman building that I frequented, and on the basement level a restaurant, “Pastrami & Things” that became a favorite of DC staffers once we moved in, though we could still eat at the Warner cafeteria under 75 Rock as well, and I often lunched elsewhere nearby.

The Tischman Building is notable for it’s 666 address, source of many jokes over the years. Surely it’s this seatting chart that will evoke the most memories among old timers.

My own youthful visit to Marv Wolfman’s office (to interview him for The Comics Journal) provided memories to last a lifetime, including meeting Ernie Colon and Frank Miller and Gary Groth for the first time. I’m sure other will have their own memorable moments.