During the third season of Netflix’s mega hit Stranger Things, Eleven finds her style with Max at the new mall. Actress Millie Bobby Brown is now letting you design your own style of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars with her new line of sneakers.

The customizable shoes in the Millie by You collection are set to release on the Converse website on Thursday July 11. According to the shoe company, Brown is the youngest product collaborator and has incorporated her love of ocean life in her new line of kicks. The actress-turned-shoe-designer has ten colorways and prints available as well as custom laces, eyelets, logos, and foxing from which fans (and co-designers!) can choose for their personalized pair. There is also the iconic All Star pinstripe if you prefer a classic look for your Chucks.

The design starts with the base of either the Hi or the Ox followed by a series of ocean-themed patterns, colors, and other details. The whole collection is purposely organized so that everything matches, meaning your final look will be awesome no matter what you pick.

The Millie by You collection is only available for a limited time. Head to Converse’s website to begin on July 11.

Millie Bobby Brown