Ahead of the official ceremony on May 18, the Peabody Awards announced nine entertainment winners for 2019 on Thursday. The board also announced a special institutional award for Sesame Street. Among the entertainment winners, in the children’s/youth category, is the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, helmed by creator Rebecca Sugar.
In their comments on the series, the Peabody Awards said, “On its surface, Rebecca Sugar’s animated series develops a complex mythology centering around the Crystal Gems—’polymorphic sentient rocks’ who protect young Steven and his human friends from cosmic threats. But in this earnest fantasy epic and superhero saga, empathy is perhaps the most important superpower, something our real-world human society needs now more than ever.”
This marks the second award for Steven Universe in 2019 and the series’ third award overall. The show previously received recognition at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards for its representation of LGBTQ characters and storylines; it also won a Primetime Emmy in 2018.
Although the series concluded in January, its impact is sure to be felt for some time, especially as the comics series is still ongoing at BOOM! Studios.


  1. “Although the series concluded in January…”
    I assumed the same thing, after the end of Season 5 and “Change Your Mind.”
    However, I’ve since read that a “Steven Universe: The Movie” is being produced for Cartoon Network, to be released in late 2019.

  2. The movie is on the way, and the creators keep hinting that a Season 6 is on the horizon as well. No announcement yet, though.

  3. Steven Universe is not even close to being done. There’s a movie coming later this year, and it’s getting another season with probably more on the way.

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