There have been many grassroots “cartoonist benefits” of late and the way things are going, there are bound to be many more. One of the most alarming recent calls to action was the news that Steve Rude was in danger of losing his house, and a resulting art sale. In his newsletter, The Dude reports that the house has been saved, and he’s overwhelmed:

When I saw the bread coming in after Gino made her announcement (this was unbeknownst to the oblivious Dude), I was, and still am, in a mild state of stupefication. The outpouring of generosity was clearly far beyond what Gino and I could’ve asked for. Your contributions poured in from all corners of our planet; the sizeable backstock of comics and Dude related “higher reading paraphernalia” were ordered by the spit-load; and Erik Larson bought his complete Next Nexus 3 issue!

All said, we saved the house.

There are links to future merch in the link, including a calendar. Rude continues to do commissions like this one; it’s hard to imagine a better place to spend your money for this kind of piece. Let’s hope all stays well in Dude land.


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