As we just reported, Marvel is changing the comics shop business by going with Penguin Random House as their new distributor for comics periodicals AND graphic novels.

This leave Diamond Comics very much in the lurch. And Diamond president Steve Geppi has responded in a statement that was just released — which indicates that if a shop wants to continue to use Diamond, they can. Diamond will be getting their comics from PRH as a wholesale sub-distributor.

While some retailers may feel more comfortable going with Diamond for periodicals, it’s hard to see many advantages in using Diamond for graphic novels. PRH already distributes DC, Archie, IDW, Dark Horse, and Kodansha Comics to all markets, so a lot of comics shops already have a relationship with them.


Statement by Steve Geppi in Response to Marvel’s Announcement 

We value our almost 40-year relationship with Marvel and are pleased that we will continue  selling Marvel products to the Direct Market and other channels. The change Marvel  announced today represents a behind-the-scenes shift in how Diamond interacts with Marvel for certain products, but does not impact our ability to supply our customers with Marvel  comics, trades, and graphic novels. I expect the discount terms under which our retail partners  order these Marvel products to change, and Diamond will communicate that information to our  customers well in advance of any adjustments. While there are still details of this new  arrangement to work through, my leadership team and I are committed to making this supply  change as operationally seamless as possible for our retail partners and we look forward to our continued distribution of Marvel products.