Artist Cameron Stewart has been posting a few pages from BATMAN INCORPORATED: LEVIATHAN STRIKES!, the Grant Morrison-written one-shot wrapping up the long-delayed BATMAN INCORPORATED’s first season. Yesterday, he posted a page which features Stephanie Brown — yes, that Stephanie Brown. Leading to the predictable outpouring of attention.

Which led him to tweet:

Here’s something I have learned from Tumblr today – PEOPLE LOVE STEPHANIE BROWN

Informed by Rachel Edidin of the character’s long history — and the grassroots movement that developed to get her recognized as a proper Robin and not just a superheroine who was tortured to death with a drill — he tweeted:

Woah. I didn’t know any of that. Drawing her was really my first exposure to the character. Sheesh.

You’re in for it now, Cameron.

On another note, is Stephanie now a supporting character in MORNING GLORIES?



  1. The Stephanie Brown run as Batgirl is one of the best super-heroine runs ever. It also sold decently in issue form, and VERY well for me in TP.

    It featured Barbara Gordon in a strong mentor role, and she wasn’t even the only supporting character in a wheelchair!

    The entire series passes the Bechdel Test.

    The final issue had me in tears.

    I REALLY hope Steph has a good place in the new DCU.

  2. Can’t wait to find out precisely how these boarding school hazing ritual costumes connect to the Kathy Kane Batwoman. Maybe Kathy went through the same ritual and kept the costume?

  3. How can you tell it’s Stephanie Brown? She looks like a run of the mill catholic school girl with her head in a noose.

  4. This is a merger of Batman Inc #9 & #10 that didn’t get out in time for the renumbering. So they combined the issues and it has both Cameron Stewart and Chris Burnham.

    The original solicit for #9 said:
    Art and cover by CAMERON STEWART
    Is an exclusive girls’ finishing school a secret training ground for teenaged assassins? Find out the truth as Batgirl undertakes her most dangerous mission yet at the request of Batman.
    …This was scheduled to come out in July when Stephanie Brown was still Batgirl. I’m glad it’s still “Stephanie” rather than “Batgirl”. I wonder if/how much Cameron Stewart had to redraw.

    The original solicit for #10 said:
    Art and cover by CHRIS BURNHAM
    In “LEVIATHAN STRIKES,” Batman realizes to his horror that he’s been outwitted as the true identity of Leviathan continues to elude him. Is his deadly adversary an old foe with a grudge to settle, a new face of evil or something completely different? One thing is for sure: The surprise ending will not soon be forgotten!
    …This was to come out in August.

    Then at some point “Batman: Leviathan” will come out and finish the “Batman, Inc” story which Grant originally intended as a two year project.

  5. I was trade-waiting Batman Inc, but didn’t Stephanie already appear as Batgirl in Batman #700 or something? And Barbara Gordon as Oracle? So yeah, I’m curious if they re-draw old stuff for the trade, or re-drew this or…what, exactly. Batman is one of the two franchises they were trying to keep un-rebooted in the rebooted DCU, which seems especially challenging given what they did with the Batgirls…

  6. Batman Incorporated was/ is my favorite ongoing next to Waid, Rivera, and Martins’ Daredevil. A big reason is due to the fact that the premise of it allows for various characters to get some shine, Brave and the Bold style, along side Batman. DC could’ve kept Batgirl untouched with Steph for the relaunch but, alas, it wasn’t to be. A lot of the Steph Brown Batgirl series featured done in one team up stories as well.

    It gets me wondering how many ongoings currently tell single issue stories as opposed to the decompressed style that’s been the norm for most of the past decade.