A very slow internet connection has foiled our attempts to stay current. Right now we are racing off in a limo to pick up Jim Lee from the airport before his big signing at SciFi City tomorrow. It’s been a good few days of alligator hunting and sight seeing here in Florida. More later.


  1. Make sure to report on the status of coffee in Florida! I hear that Cuban Coffee is a great way to get your day started!

  2. Cuban coffee in Orlando! LOL!

    Look up whitebread in the dictionary and you’ll see a map of Orlando.

    Want Cuban coffe? Go to Miami.

  3. Just finished reading Nature Girl by Hiassen. Team Rodent is also good, about DisneyWorld.
    Enjoy, Heidi! Just do not forget us little people while you go jetsetting around the country with Mr. Big Shot Comic Book Artist!

  4. MIAMI!!!!!
    My home town.
    “Con sabor y más.”
    Surely available in Orlando.
    Jim Lee,…also pretty good.

  5. I’m sure it’d be possible to find Cuban Coffee in Orlando. You just gotta leave the well-traveled areas and ask the locals.

  6. You could probably find matzo ball soup there, too, so what?

    The point is, Orlando isn’t South Florida, Magoo. That’s all. In SoFla, it’s part of the culture. In Orlando, no.