Back online, a little sunburned and keeping more normal hours, which should be the entire point of a vacation. Thanks as always to Mark Coale for keeping an eye on things while we were away. We’re sorry we couldn’t give you more of a blow by blow account of our weekend, but the internet connection at our hotel was slow as molasses.

We’ll be posting through the day, catching you up on Toy Fair, and other news.

The signing was a huge success from all accounts — ironically, we didn’t actually get to attend because of personal matters. However, big big ups to Steve Henderlong of Sci-Fi City for his fantastic hospitality over the last five days. We took some pictures of his tremendous store which we’ll be posting soon. Big thanks also to Jim Lee for letting us tag along. Jim is, as always, a gentleman and one of the best ambassadors that comics could have.

We’ve seen and done a lot in five days…it’s really all a blur, but we’ll have a small pictorial later in the week…or the day as the case may be.

UPDATE 1 pm: Hm, many many very thoughtp[rovoking things going on. Rather than rush our analysis, we’ll just wade in slowly.


  1. Hopefully the personal matters were fun ones. It’s always good to get away. That’s one of the facades from Universal Studios, isn’t it? I personally like the MODOK one myself. ;)