All this week, we’ve been bringing you exclusive announcements from Statix Press, an imprint of Titan Comics formed this fall to deliver European comics to the English-language market. If you’re in the mood for some science-fiction from a Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême winner, look no further than Exterminator 17 from artist Enki Bilal. From Statix:

Warrior robots [known as Exterminators] are strewn across the galaxy, fighting for their human masters. But when the creator of these mechanical killers finds his soul trapped in an Exterminator, the balance of power is about to shift.

Also known for his decades-spanning work for Heavy Metal Magazine and his series The Nikopol Trilogy, here Bilal’s art teams with prolific comic author Jean-Pierre DionnetDue out on October 17, 2018, Exterminator 17 is in the process of receiving a brand-new English translation, but you can still take an exclusive peek at the gorgeous interior art and cover below.