Larry Marder’s Beanworld: State of the Beanworld 2008!:

Now onto the new business–2008.
My first essential task is to nail down a publishing deal.
I believe this will take place rather rapidly. It is my goal to get the previously published, but out of print, original Tales of the Beanworld material back in print as soon as humanly possible.
I have some 500 pages of Beanworld continuity that will be packaged in, perhaps, three volumes–each to be released, hopefully about a season apart–you know, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall–starting with whichever season happens to be scheduled first.
This will allow the Beanworld to re-establish its place within the world of publishing. The artwork will be reformatted to a slightly smaller page size, in keeping with today’s publishing format trends.

Also, in the early part of 2008 I will launch a new, general interest Beanworld web site. There, I will be publishing color Beanworld web comics–short stand alone pieces perhaps 10 pages long or so. Leguminous interest stories–so to speak. More on par with things like “Proffy, The Snoopy Anthropologist” the back-up features from TOTB 3 and 5.