Found this magazine while cleaning up.

It pains me deeply to say that the website no longer exists. This magazine was in its 13th year but it exists no more. Another victim of the Internet, no doubt. The one thing that this cover does prove is that all magazine headlines adhere to a universal formula. It doesn’t really matter about the topic. “13 ways to get thinner by dinner!” is the same as “7 places you will always find crappie!” I do salute the editors of this magazine for their particularly memorable and lively cover lines, however which made the fishing of crappie seem like the most urgent and exciting passtime ever invented by humans.

Sadly, there are no cartoons in Crappie World that would make this more germane to the topic of this blog, but there was original art, illustrating several tempting recipes. I am sure that there is no one on earth who would not dig into a steaming, crispy fillet of crappie covered in lime-flavored yogurt and exclaim, “My! That is sure sweet…and mellow, too.”


I picked this up at a truck stop in Ohio, I think, back in 2002. Not so long ago! There are wonders everywhere if you will only…look around you.


  1. Mmmmm… Crappie…. I live in Indiana and fish for these little suckers as often as I can. Nothing better than a whole mess of cracker-breaded, fried crappie on a nice summer’s afternoon. Delicious! I will admit that including lime yogurt in your recipe seems a little suspicious, though.

    Oh, and I believe that Crappie World does still exist. You can still buy a subscription online, anyway. Sounds like a nice Christmas present for Heidi.


  2. Corey, it may well have been Indiana where I purchased that magazine. It was a long trip. Perhaps it is Indiana that is the heart of Crappie-dom on earth!

    Truthfully, we used to fish for crappie when I was a kid and they are tasty. No lime yogurt though.

  3. I couldn’t agree more ,Corey, about the great taste of Crappie, but the correct nomenclature outside of Indiana is Caucasian-breaded, not cracker-breaded.

  4. I would catch crappie in Washington when I went fishing with my dad. He’d catch yellow perch and rainbow trout, and all I could ever catch was crappie … that was more than 40 years ago now …

  5. YOU know, come to think of it that drawing is very interesting: notice the crappie are being DEEP FAT FRIED, not grilled in a pan.


  6. Oh yes Crappie is one of the best fish to eat! I lived in Missouri on the Truman Lake and we would catch crappie all day and then have a big fish fry! I miss it! I would get in a good whole and pull some keepers out left and right, boy do I miss it since I have moved. Crappie fishing rules!

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