Here’s an upbeat note as we head into the three-day weekend. There had been some recent mini-kerfuffles between Marvel and artist Jim Starlin, whose cosmic comics throughout the 70 and 90s and creations Thanos, Gamora and so on are so so integral to Marvel’s future movie plans. Starlin was back at Marvel happily working on a bunch of projects, including a Thanos original GN. All seemed well, but then a brief dust-up flared, concerning Starlin not getting a mini-series approved because of Marvel continuity issues, and then some pushback from Tom Brevoort and…yeah a mini kerfuffle.

But according to Starlin’s FB page, it was just a temporary thing, and it’s all good once more:

I would like to let folks know that Marvel and I will be doing further work together. Details on future projects will have to wait until a more appropriate time. Just wanted everyone to know that all is good.

I’m really happy to hear this, as the good Starlin/Marvel working relationship seems to be mostly mutually satisfactory and not a batteground, unlike the ongoing legal battles and acrimony with so many older creators.

Starlin accompanied this post with an image of the Silver Surfer—co-star of Thanos: The Infinity Revelation—which could be a hint or just a pretty picture.

And now you know….the rest of the story.


  1. Glad to hear this news, which is of a piece with Starlin’s longtime reasonable and practical (yet principled and not ready to roll over) approach to dealing with comics business matters. I’d recommend his excellent “The Art of Jim Starlin: A Life in Words and Pictures” for plenty of examples.

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