The CW has released the first trailer for Stargirl, the upcoming DC Universe series starring Brec Bassinger as the titular DC Comics superhero. The series, which will debut ad-free on the DC Universe streaming app before airing on The CW the following day, also stars Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan, Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore, and Trae Romano as Mike Dugan.

A look at Wilson as Dugan working with his old partner, Sylvester Pemberton, aka Starman (Joel McHale), who appears to die. After blending the Whitmore and Dugan families, Courtney stumbles across Pemberton’s Cosmic Staff, the source of his Starman abilities. After her first outing, Courtney recruits Pat to help her become Stargirl. McHale’s Starman appears to be wearing a uniform similar to Sylvester Pemberton’s Skyman suit, an identity he assumed in 1986 before his untimely death in 1988’s Infinity Inc #51. A still photo found by Courtney at one point also reveals a look at Wilson as Stripesy, sporting a comic-accurate red-and-white-striped sweater. Really appreciate how they’re just going for it on that one.

While mention is made of the Justice Society in the trailer, none of the members beyond Starman, Stripesy, and Stargirl appear. Actors Lou Ferrigno Jr.Henry Thomas, and Brian Stapf have been previously reported to appear as Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Wildcat, respectively. It seems likely that they won’t show up immediately, to give Courtney time to get established.

Check out a few choice screengrabs from the trailer below. No release date has yet been announced for Stargirl, save that it will premiere on The CW in Spring 2020.