This show has been super well Flickr’d and all, but here are ours! Above, C.F. talks with Dan Nadel.

Jeff Smith signs for two young Bone fans.

Sarah Glidden and Julia Wertz, whose FART PARTY collection was quite a buzz book.

Roger Langridge bought a mini collecting his now never to be seen Muppet comics, lost when Disney Adventures got canceled. Sadly, we missed out on it, but took this picture to remember their glory.

Roger Langridge himself.

The Vartanoff sisters, Ellen and Irene. Irene was a long-time Marvel colorist, and now writes and edits for MyRomanceStory.com.

C.F. and Brian Chippendale.

AdHouse’s Chris Pitzer shows how they roll, as Metaphrog’s John and Josh Cotter lurk in BG.

Crowd shot from Saturday.

I said I would write down their names but forgot. Jess, Sean and Alex from the Sundays crew.

The raffle was for the gift basket, not the man, apparently.

Colleen AF Venable and Nick Gurewitch show the love as Nick Abadzis looks on.

“So a priest, a rabbi and a plumber walk into a bar…” (Photo by Calvin Reid)

The ladies of D&Q were staggering under the weight of all the Ignatz bricks they won.

It is no Jim Woodring dream! It is a chocolate fondue fountain! The promised land…

Late night hang.

Gina Gagliano and Douglas Wolk share a laugh the morning after.

As we left, Douglas Wolk, Matt Wagner and The Beat discovered a chilling mystery…WHY would someone abandon a long box with the dust jacket of the new SHAZAM collection in it? Although the idea that the kind of person who could commit such a senseless act had been walking around with us all weekend was disturbing, we still had a great time at SPX.


  1. That gift basket (11 pictures down) is the handywork of the Boston Comics Roundtable, chock full of gifts from the magical land of Beantown. Though we weren’t technically raffling off Jason, he might have considered it for the right person.

  2. Jeff Smith fans – or at least Bone fans – should call themselves Bone-Heads. The parents of those 2 kids would probably be over joyed to hear him exclaim, “Here come a couple of Bone-Heads now.”

  3. Hey, Heidi—
    Actually, I did more freelance coloring for Marvel in the 70’s than Irene. She was Production Editor for Special Projects, i.e. the Simon & Schuster /Fireside Books. She did some coloring. Later, she moved on to D.C. (1980’s); while at this same period, I did production, and ghost-inking for them. I also have taught cartoning & comics and curated shows about/of comics since 1975.
    more later,
    Pax, Ellen Vartanoff

  4. “So a priest, a rabbi and a plumber walk into a bar…” How did the rest of it go? One version I recall is that the plumber says that since he makes far more than the preist or rabbi, he offers to pay for both their drinks. The priest says to the plumber, “My, you’re kind – thank you so much.” And the rabbi likewise says, “Yes, I appreciate this very much – indeed you’re kind.”

    All of which totally enrages the crazy bartender, who grabs the plumber and throws him out, as he shouts, “Hey, fella – we don’t serve your kind here!”