Much chatter going around today of downsizing in DC’s book trade sales division. We have some names but are waiting for more solid information. The move is not much of a surprise, since it was heavily rumored after DC announced its distribution deal with Random House.Since Random House has its own in-house sales staff which will deal with buyers, the extra sales staff at DC Comics was no longer necessary. Developing.


  1. Any updates? Any more solid information come together? I mean, as predictable (and, from a corporate/human resources point-of-view, understandable) as some layoffs may be in certain situations, it’s nice to note those who may have been axed (if those people want to be noted, of course…)

  2. Heidi – Must be nice to be an exclusive reporter for DC Comics, telling one side of the story – theirs.

    Journalista – What was the point of your post?

    el seed – Ditto

    Tommy Raiko – You post anywhere and about anything. What difference would it make naming those who may have been axed ? Are you offering them jobs, compensation, or your post is just another way of keeping this going?