SPX (Small Press Expo) is this weekend! I’m on a bus to SPX right this minute! SO excited – maybe because I’ve had the equivalent of five cups of canned coffee in the last four hours.

There is too much wonderful going on at SPX to encapsulate in a single post, but you can see guests here; panels here  (THREE tracks this year!); and debuts here. 

Adding to the excitement: I’ll be rooming with Brigid Alverson and Deb Aoki once again,  meaning new episodes of the Three Women in a Hotel Room podcast – and we’ll be joined by fourth roomie Johanna Draper Carlson ( Comics Worth Reading) so the dish will be coming piping hot from the straight talk oven!

Brigid, Deb and I have covered TCAF, SDCC and now SPX, so basically the three best shows of the year. The concept for the show is that every night we usually sit in our room and snack and recap the day so why not record it? (And maybe leave out a few names.)

Tech note; I’m hosting this podcast on Soundcloud for now, even though this platform is on shaky ground survival wise. One reason is that this is how I started it, but I also support Soundcloud and the music scene they’ve fostered. That’s also why I have a paid account – at the lowest level.

I’m currently on a month to month basis but if anyone would like to help sponsor a whole yeah of Three Women on Soundcloud ($135), you can donate to Paypal below or Patreon here. Sponsors will get copious shoutouts on air and eternal gratitude.

And while you’re at it check out Philippe LeBlanc’s wonderful series of SPX interviews. Comics aren’t dying, and SPX is the proof.


  1. Is this podcast series searchable through podcast apps? I cant seem to find it, I’d rather listen to it on my phone rather than be stuck at computer desk

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