The gang is all here, and it’s awesome. Old skool comics as they are made and loved.

Julia Wertz reading at SPXplosion at Atomic Books. Great store. Since last year, they also opened a section for vinyl LPs which is doing well, said owner Benn Ray. The readings were put together by Jesse Reklaw and seemed to go great.

A Nerdlinger winner whose card I lost so I cannot correctly spell his name. Other winners…Drew Weing, Katie Skelly, Brian Chippendale, T. Nicholls (?) Zack Allen, Denis St John, Let’s be Friends, and Frank Santoro. The real winner was comics.

Fantagraphics publishers Gary Groth and son Conrad, who seems interested in many things his dad is not interested in.

From the drive down: The Captain shall watch over us all.
There was a mirror image event going on at the same time which seemed to consist of older, well-dressed folks who enjoyed a tot or three. Much staggering around the lobby.

Hanging out last night was awesome mix of Jaime Hernandez, Nick Abadzis, Gabrielle Bell, Laura Hudson, Vanessa Davis, Dean Haspiel, Jacq Cohen, Chris Miskiewicz, Kevin Huizenga, Jesse Reklaw, and travel companions Brian Heater and Jeff Newelt and many many more.


  1. PXE stands for pseudoxanthoma elasticum, a genetic tissue disease. While not as dichotomous as the Miss Maryland workshop from last year (or the rather disturbing childrens beauty pageant at a different convention ), it did provide a nice contrast.

    There was also a quinceañera party opposite the Ignatz Awards, and I think a wedding reception.

    Personally, I think SPX could/should expand to another ballroom. More tables and wider aisles would benefit everyone, as this show encourages people to stop and stare and ask questions of the creators.