By Brandon Pascall

Nick Lowe starts the panel with asking the audience to sing The Spider-Man theme song and then introduced the panel, Allison Stock, Devin Lewis, Rodney Barnes, Jason Latour, Will Silney, Dan Slott, Robbie Thompson, and Chip Zdarsky.

Zdarsky then talked about the newest issue (#7) where he talked about the how Black Panther is coming to the book in December. Zdarsky reveals he will be writing a Human Torch and Thing comic series that will bring them together since they have not interacted in 2 years. (Fate of the four). Thing will be helping out Torch as he has hit rock bottom and they will be searching for the rest of their family and their only way to find out where they are is Doom.

Rodney Barnes talks Falcon in which he will be fighting Black-Heart, Nick joked that he designed the new Falcon suit.

Dan Slott talks about the new Fall Of Parker arc where he will be taking away Parker Industries from him and he will be finding his way back to the Daily Bugle, they then showed us some interior pages from upcoming issues and then Dan and Nick talk about Peter’s love life with Bobby (Mockingbird) and how they will give their relationship a try.

Nick then jumps over to Venom where he talks about Lethal protector and passes the mic over to Devin Lewis.

Lewis says with Marvel Legacy lets them “release their inner fanboy.” Lewis also said that Venom will be fighting Kraven in the newest arc in order to protect the people of NY and then dropped a bomb saying the Shriek will also return in the arc.

Nick then announced Venom Inc with Dan Slott writing where he Flash Thompson, Peter, and Eddie will all be featured in the series and the covers show the symbiote back on Peter. Mike Costa will also co-writing the series.

X-Men Blue and Venom will also cross over in X-Men Blue annual #1, Lewis talks about how the characters will interact and that something has happened to Cyclops father Corsair which involves Venom in order to fix the problem.

Jason Latour talks Gwenom in Spider-Gwen #25, he talks about how Gwen is in constant conflict with her father’s legacy and Gwen is now grappling with losing her power and now with the symbiote she now has to face the fact that she has too much power and this arc will feature Gwen vs Matt Murdock. Robbie Rodriguez’s covers were revealed.  

In Spider-Man (Miles Morales) the Sinister Six will be reborn, a new Iron Spider will be leading the new Sinister Six and Nick Lowe stated  the arc will be impacting Miles life in a massive way.

The panel is the passed to Allison Stock where she talks about the Scarlet Spider-Series and she talks about how Ben is trying to come to terms with his identity has a hero in the Marvel Universe.

Silney talks about drawing Scarlet Spider compared to 2099 and and he is excited that he gets to flex his muscles by drawing webslinging compared to 2099’s gliding.

Spider-Man and Deadpool will be getting a new creative team written by Robbie Thompson and Chris Bachalo  and the new arc will focus on Spider-Man attempting to bring in Deadpool as he is the most wanted man in the Marvel Universe. Deadpool in the post shield world is working as an arms dealer and Robbie said we will be putting “Merc” back in Merc with a mouth.


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