By Brandon Pascall

Ryan Pengos opened the panel by introducing Nick Lowe, Lorraine Cink, Alanna Smith, Jeremy Whitley. Ryan then wanted to get right into the panel and started it off with a stop-motion video with Vemonverse.

Nick Lowe talked about Venom-Verse and said that it is a spin off of the Spider-Verse event a few years back.

Ryan  introduced the big Marvel THWIP show and said “Lorraine writes the show and I just try to mess it up.” Lorraine and Ryan then wanted to do a game “Is this a cheese or a Marvel alien race.” whoever guessed quickly would win a prize (even if you answered wrong you got a prize) and after a obscure amount of cheeses and alien races we moved on.

Ryan  talked about Marvel Unlimited and that you can now read of 20,000+ comics and plugged the service heavily and also plugged Comixology Originals with Immortal Iron Fists where Danny Rand trains a young adolescent Pei who is another Iron First.

Whitley talked about Thor vs Hulk: Champions of the Universe another Comixology Originals where they are sent by an elder god The Promoter to all different worlds across the Marvel Universe to battle each other. Alanna talked about The Promoter and said that her job is to hype up the fights and that she steals every scene she is in and originally she was going to be Loki in disguise but she become so loved by everyone on the team she became her own character. You can pick up each of these series on Comixology now.

Ryan showed us a video on Marvel’s cosplay expert lee Hurley, on making a Groot cosplay, the suit weighs around 65 pounds and he stated that it was not very comfortable but he never expected the attention from becoming a creature.

Ryan talked about Quickdraw where they take a Marvel artist and they interview them while they draw to see how they are as people and how they draw their art. They showed us a clip from a livestream they interviewed Ed McGuinness where he drew the Hulk on plexi-glass, Ed then talked about his signature and how in the days of old artist use to sign in squiggles but Ed said he liked seeing fans recognize his signature so he always signs so that fans can understand his signature.

Ryan introduced a game called Super-Hero charades  where the panelists act out a hero and the fans had to guess the hero. The panelists acted out heros such as Loki, Groot, Captain America, Scarlet Witch and a plethora of others.

Ryan and Nick talked about the new Marvel Video comics, part comic part video and last year they released four episodes and this year they will be making many more. The episode they showed us an episode about Spider-Man and Iron Man where an Iron Man attacked Spider-Man to train him about being a hero.

Ryan ended the panel talking about the two podcasts This Week in Marvel and the Women of Marvel podcast and talked a bit about Marvel Insider and how to gain points and finally opened the panel up to a Q/A.