If Special Edition: NYC was a comic book, probably Warren Ellis would have written it and Brandon Graham or Geof Darrow would have drawn it. It was a perfectly fine show, with a great guest list and good time, but the venue, Pier 92, was…picturesque. I was last there five or six years ago for a Wizard show and  in the intervening years it became even more decrepit, with plastic bags collecting yellowing rainwater, as giant air ducts throbbed like the Alien Queen’s thorax, and damn river air curled pages and hair. I had a perfectly good time (I was only there on Saturday) and here are the pictures!


As I mentioned to everyone, Pier 92 was straight out of a dystopian SF comics from Image or Dark Horse. This is actually the Image panel.

The main reason people lined up for SENYC was to buy tickets for NYCC, which was kind of dumb since SENYC had most of the same people in a far less crowded and more relaxed setting. BUT WHATEVS. Here’s a video of the line at about noon. I heard people had camped out since the night before and stood in line for four hours to get NYCC tickets. The line ws capped for a bit and then opened up again, but I don’t know how happy people were. It seem they came got tickets, walked around a bit and left by 4 or so.


More air ducts!


This is an accidental picture of the floor, but it was concrete and my feet hurt.


If only there had been more Mad Max cosplayers!


I vowed to walk around and take photos! Here’s artist Andrew MacLean of Apocalyptigirl and Head Lopper. He’s blowing up as they say.


Writer Frank Tieri of all the comics you read.


Artist Rodney Ramos and Elite Beat Operative Edie Nugent.


Michael Golden doing what he does.


And Jeff Parker (Batman ’66 etc.) I miss the old con reports Parker and steve LIeber used to do. They were hilarious but they wouldn’t fly nowadays I guess.


Artist Natalie Nourigat, who has a project upcoming from Oni.


Everyone loves this book!


And here are the creators, Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin. I meant to ask Paul for some Plants. vs Zombies tips but forgot.


Artist Ron Chan who also di dnot give me any PvZ tips!


Cat Farris of Emily and The Strangers and many more.


Ryan Dow (Captain Sadness) and Josh Gorfain (Meatspace). They shared a table and have many projects between them, but not together if that makes any sense.



Eric Palicki of Red Angel Dragnet which I meant to go back and buy but I forgot. Lovely art by Anna Wieszczyk


I wanted to get a nice shot of Annie Wu but she had a huge line and was too busy signing.


OMG! YOU GUYS! I met Simon Roy! This guy is soooo talented. You must buy Tiger Lung!


Gwendolyn from Saga is such a great character to cosplay, but it’s also a testament to Fiona Staples’ incredibly talents as a character designer — her characters are instantly unique and iconic.


Random steampunk shot of the dystopic venue.


And another.


The People in Comics panel, moderated by Calvin Reid, presented by Publishers Weekly, with Regine Sawyer, Calvin, Dylan Meconis and Natalie Nourigat


I went to plug in my phone and found this China Mieville tableau.


Artist Ramon Perez of Hawkeye, etc.


Vera Greentea!


Brandon Bird and one of his creations. Bird is among the most imaginative and skilled of the
of culture mash-up” school of artists. Check out his website for reals.


Kaare Andrews successfully balances a career as a cartoonist and a director! And he’s fiesty.


I don’t remember the name of this guy but he had by far the tallest banners in the joint. All that height and I don’t remember his name. Pro tip: put your logo on the giant banners.


Artist Jason Howard of Trees. we had a nice chat about coloring which will help inform a future article here.


I really wanted to get my picture taken with DMC but I was too shy but that was dumb because he was mad friendly and smiling the whole time.

Flash forward to Sunday night. I slept all day but crept out for Korean barbeque with a great bunch of folks.

And we’re done!





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