Spanish agent/translator David Macho Gomez has just launched his long-threatened website for his stable of artists, It’s no secret that Spanish artists have made a huge impression in the American comics scene over the last decade or so, and thanks to this website, you can peruse galleries of work by artists like


Jesus Saiz


Ramon F. Bachs



Juan Santacruz, among many others.

As a bonus, Macho is interviewed about the site at Newsarama

There’s a part of the job that people doesn’t see, and that happens before an artist even gets published, and of course, much before an editor gets an email with his / her samples. I’m talking about the “guidance” part, trying to help them understand what an editor wants / needs to see in an American comic-book; the parameters and look of a comic-book in terms of composition, storytelling and how the characters must be portrayed, and what are the differences between American comic-books and European ones, why we try to have an establishing shot and also a close-up on a page instead of staying with descriptive panels (involving ourselves with emotions as being a part of the story instead of keeping the distance and being colder). Things like… Why you can’t break the 180 rule from one panel to the next, and why the character that speaks first should be on the left of the panel.Other stuff that may sound obvious, like why you have to show the most iconic parts of a character and avoid hiding or cutting them… And please, when you are doing samples, remember, what it’s on your head also has to be seen on the page, because if it stays in your brain only you will understand the story you are trying to tell, and we’re STORYTELLERS, above all else…