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Tim O’Shea photos

Alex Zalben writes up the Dorkin,/Langridge/Thompson humor summit

Next, the group talked about what’s funny – and what’s not. Turns out generally, bodily functions are funny, and pieces of people falling off is funny. “Drugs are not funny, because it’s always a you had to be there thing,” said Dorkin. “Monkeys are funny, but they’ve been played to death, like zombies.”

FF panel with Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting

Peter Krause on leaving IRREDEEMABLE.

Matt Fraction on FEAR ITSELF:

Fraction preemptively answered a question that gets asked quite a bit and detailed the process that Senior VP – Executive EditorTom Brevoort took to start a Cap/Thor event in between the two summer movies on Marvel’s plate. His goal was to lead off with the event keeping in mind people who may have just seen “Thor” and then transitioning into a more Cap-centric story by putting him on the front lines of a World War, reflecting somewhat the situation in the upcoming “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

And, one mother’s con:

We found some neat art that caught this eye. CT asked Andy Belanger for a Batman. He said it would take about 20-30 minutes and to come back. When we did, WOW! He did a seriously amazing job! He drew Batman and filled the black in with actual painter’s ink and was cool to watch. It’s on of my favorite sketches. It’s just so B&W. He was with a group and they have a comic series called “Kill Shakespeare“. We bought a single issue and they guys signed it for us. I, personally, have not read it yet, but i plan to and hubby says the trade would be a good read.


  1. Neal Adams was charging $10. for his signature. Gah.

    BUT on the opposite spectrum, Butch Guice was selling ORIGINAL PENCILLED PAGES from recent issues of Captain America for $35.00 a page. No, seriously, $35.00 a PAGE! I wish I was rolling in cash, I wanted to buy a bunch of them! But I picked up a really sweet Captain America #613 page 3 (http://www.comicbookresources.com/assets/images/preview/33325cei7350/prv7350_pg4.jpg) to drool over! So I was happy. WHO sells original pages for that anymore. I LOVE the man (and he’s a MASTER talent!)

  2. Will the $12,000 amount for the Adam Hughes auction piece be seen as increased demand for his work after his new convention art policy?

  3. The $12,000 was for the art auction that is returned to Heroes Con to keep down costs and bring in new guests.

    And I’m pretty sure Neal Adams was charging $5. Not that it makes much difference, I wouldn’t pay anything, but just to get the facts right.

  4. Neal was charging $10 for autographs and $10 if you wanted to take a picture with him. Maybe this stuff flies at SDCC, but at Heroes where casual is the norm it just seemed wrong. I hope this kind of crap stays away next year, sorry, but this is a lousy precedent.

  5. Neal’s line was the most pitiful thing I saw all weekend. He had this huge fenced off area, but there was never more than one person at his table at any given time, even on saturday. Serves him right.

  6. Yeah, Neal Adams was charging $10 for a signature or picture with him on Saturday and Sunday. I brought my Superman/Ali hardcover to get it signed, but I didn’t bother. I already have his signature elsewhere.

    I suspect I wasn’t alone. As Tim mentioned, Neal’s huge table and floor space with a ropeline was mostly empty on Saturday and Sunday (I missed Friday).

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