Scout Comics has announced that its longest running series, Solar Flare, is being developed for TV. The comic is written by James Haick III with art from Branko Jovanic, colors by Song Ye and letters by Derron Bennet. It follows a father, Jake, in his journey to reunite with his daughter in a world where a solar flare has wiped out all modern technology.

Brendan Deneen, Scout Comics CEO gave a statement saying “James has created a very exciting and emotional series that the Scout team loves presenting to our fans issue after issue. We look forward to working with Digital Riot Media to develop Solar Flare for the small screen.”

John Baldecchi, producer of Happy Death Day, will work on the Solar Flare TV adaptation alongside his entertainment company, Digital Riot Media. There, Baldecchi has worked with a variety of clients including Apple, Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Turner, 20th Century Fox, The CW and Universal and is currently developing thriller/sci-fi projects with Showtime and CBS Studios.

The comic launched in November of 2016 and is currently on its third season with five issues in each of its arcs. Haick had this to say about the deal: “Knowing just how driven and passionate the team at Digital Riot Media is about putting out exciting and entertaining stories that the fans love, it makes me incredibly excited to have them leading the charge in developing Solar Flare for television.”

For the time being, there’s no release date for the Solar Flare TV show – but hopefully it premiers before an actual solar flare knocks out all of our tech.


  1. Lol, this was already done as the tv show revolution for NBC. It was cancelled after just 2 seasons.

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