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While we were noting our one-year anniversary on our calendar, we also asked some of out pals and gals to update us on what they were up to, comics-wise, and a lot of them obliged. So we’ll be posting them as we go along. And we’ll keep doing more of it’s fun.

First up, Trina Robbins writes to tell us the second volume of her kids series, CHICAGOLAND DETECTIVE AGENCY, just came out. It’s called CHICAGOLAND DETECTIVE AGENCY #2: THE MALTESE MUMMY, and it concerns some two kids and their talking dog who investigate mysterious goings on. The first volume, THE DRAINED BRAINS CAPER, was about a mad scientist, and the third book in the trilogy is about werewolves. “I’m happy as a clam writing these,” Trina told us. “When I got my copies in the mail, I sat and reread it with Tyler Page’s swell art, and chuckled and thought, ‘Hey, this is cool. Did I really write this?'”

The art is by Tyler Page who many will know as the creator of the indie comics STYLISH VITTLES and NOTHING BETTER. If you don’t know them, you can buy them at his store which also contains several prints which are cute overload but when did that ever stop us?
CHICAGOLAND DETECTIVE AGENCY is published by Graphic Universe which is putting out as many fun, readable kids comics as they can and helping make sure the next generation of comics readers gets a start somewhere.


  1. thanks for the nice shout-out heidi! I should mention the cute kids artwork in my store is actually my wife, Cori Doerrfeld’s work. her picture book authorial debut, Penny Loves Pink, just came out last month from Little, Brown! there will be a book release party for it at The Red Balloon Bookstore in St. Paul on Feb 13th.

    as Trina stated, there will be a third Chicagoland book, which I’m in the middle of drawing right now. outside of that I’m still working on Nothing Better as time allows, developing a couple of other books, and putting my time in at MCAD during the day.

  2. Yay, Trina! I read the first one, it was lots of fun! Any chance of a crossover with Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Detective?

    Graphic Universe is part of Lerner, and they’ve got a great line of graphic novels!

    They even do e-books! What a site! They link to each state’s educational standards, include lots of backmatter in each book, and even post Lexiles!

    If there was an Eisner Award for web sites, this would get it! Pages for librarians, educators, parents, booksellers! Free digital resources to supplement the books!