Early next year Dark Horse Comics will release a print collection of Snow Angels Volume 1, the Comixology Originals series from writer Jeff Lemire, artist Jock, and letterer Steve Wands. Now as a way to sweeten the deal for direct market retailers, Dark Horse has announced an incentive in the form of an exclusive bookplate signed by Lemire and Jock, and featuring new artwork by Jamie McKelvie.

Retailers will be sent the Lemire-and-Jock-signed and McKelvie-illustrated bookplate, shown above, if they order 5 or more copies of Snow Angels Volume 1 before the book’s Final Order Cutoff, which is next Monday, November 1st. Ordering five copies gets the store five free bookplates, ordering six copies gets them six bookplates, and so on, with a maximum of 20 bookplates per store.

Along with the reveal of the bookplate, Comixology has also provided The Beat with an exclusive preview for Snow Angels Season Two #5, the penultimate installment of the follow-up series, which is due out on Tuesday, October 26th.

The collected edition of Lemire & Jock’s Snow Angels Volume 1 comes from Dark Horse as the latest offering in their licensing deal with Comixology Originals to bring the digital publisher’s titles to print. Other Comixology titles getting print releases from Dark Horse include completed series like Kel McDonaldTyler Crook‘s The Stone KingGreg Lockard Tim Fish‘s Liebestrasse, and Erica SchultzMarika Cresta‘s Forgotten Home, as well as upcoming Originals series like Chip ZdarskyJason Loo‘s The All-Nighter and Stephanie Phillips Peter Krause‘s We Only Kill Each Other.

Check out the exclusive preview of Snow Angels Season Two #5 below. That issue arrives digitally via Comixology Originals tomorrow, October 26th. The print edition of Snow Angels Volume 1 from Dark Horse Comics is due out in comic shops on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, and in bookstores the following Tuesday, February 8th, 2022.