You know that stand-up comedian who was “cancelled” for saying something offense, and ever since then, you can’t go a day without hearing their perspective as they’re well-compensated for continuing to tell the same “jokes” over and over again? To be fair, I could be talking about any number of misguided humorists who fit that same bill… But in this instance, I’m talking about the eponymous character at the center of Snelson: Comedy is Dying.

The trade paperback collection of Snelson will be arriving from AHOY Comics on March 15th, 2022, but in spite of the fact that he’s been cancelled, you can read the whole first issue of the series right here today on The Beat!

Snelson: Comedy is Dying

As you’ll see in the preview below, in Snelson: Comedy is Dying, Melville Snelson is a stand-up comedian who has already been cancelled on page one… and yet, in spite of this fact, the issue continues for like, twenty more pages (and then the series goes on for four more issues). When you’ve been cancelled, where you can you turn? (Answer: alt-right radio will take anyone.)

Snelson is by Paul Constant, Fred Harper, Lee Loughridge, and Rob Steen. If you still haven’t gotten enough after reading the preview, check out this link with another 36 pages of free Snelson comics!

Cancelled (and coming out March 15th)

Have you had a chance to read Snelson yet? What do you think of the preview, including below this article? Will you be picking up the TPB when it arrives next week?

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