Fantagraphics’ Floyd Gottfredson reprint project was a big news item at last year’s San Diego, and you can bet that the book (due on April 15th) will get people talking some more. FBI released a pdf of the promo materials and here’s a sneak peek.











  1. The last page of promo says $29.99.

    Quite affordable!

    $16.69 at BN.com

    Hmm… Books in Print states June 2011. Is this a rare case of Fantagraphics publishing a comic strip book BEFORE the announced pub date?

    Gladstone’s original run of Mickey Mouse from 1986 contains many Gottfredson stories; these can probably be found in quarter bins.

  2. Does anyone know if this will include the early Ub Iwerks strips from THE UNCENSORED MOUSE #1-2? Or does Disney still want those kept out of sight…?

  3. >> Does anyone know if this will include the early Ub Iwerks strips from THE UNCENSORED MOUSE #1-2? Or does Disney still want those kept out of sight…?>>

    The promo says the book starts with the Jan 13, 1930 strip, which is where THE UNCENSORED MOUSE began, too. So it’s reasonable to assume that yes, it’ll include that material.

    I don’t think Disney wanted it kept out of sight so much as not wanting it published without being under their control, making money from it and protecting their copyrights (even those which should have lapsed).


  4. I’m quite excited that Disney is doing this, and apparently giving us all the strips that they were keeping under wraps.

    This kind of archive edition (mostly aimed at old folks like us) is the perfect way to do it.

  5. Thanks for the info, Mr. Busiek – much appreciated!

    (On a side note, I recall seeing a news article a year or two ago stating that some of the early Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts – like the early comic strips – were actually in the public domain, due to issues with the copyright notices on the titles – which could mean that the character itself is in the public domain with respect to copyright, despite Disney’s trademark? I doubt anyone could afford a legal battle with Disney over it, but it would be interesting…)

  6. Heh… Both Boom! and Fantagraphics will be reprinting Gottfredson at the same time. Boom via the WDC&S issues, Fanta via the comic strips.

    Fanta wins for quality, but Boom! wins for quantity (including Taliaferro, who drew the Donald Duck gag strips).