What happens when humanity finds a way to save the world but then ruins it all years later? This week’s entry in the Small Press Spotlight covers that in We Promised Utopia from Literati Press. 

Written by Adrian Morales, Robert Holman, and Charles J Martin, art for the series is by John Eric Osborn, Jonathan Koelsch, and Chloe Elimam. For issue #1, Nick Hermes provides cover art and for issue #2, it’s Osborn.

Read the details here:

“What if humanity saved the world today… only to destroy it tomorrow? Charismatic idealist Isabel Bari and her development of the Equivalent Carbon Credit (ECC) tied every element of the global economy to a carbon-based currency, and changed  wealth accumulation principles. The comic focuses on three separate eras of humanity: the rise of the ECC in present day, the establishment of a utopian world that adopted the ECC to create harmony between human civilization and nature, and a dystopian future after the mysterious collapse of the ECC.”

The structure of the narrative moves through three separate timeframes to paint the complete picture of humanity’s descent into dystopia. The genre book promises plenty of action, mystery, and complex characters trying to navigate the complicated, and often bleak, universe. 

Head to Literati Press’ website for more on We Promised Utopia, and check out a couple of covers below!

We Promised Utopia We Promised Utopia