We’re going back in time this week in the Small Press Spotlight. Pizza Party Attestation’s Kitty’s Bordello is a five-book series based on the true story of the Salon Kitty brothel in Berlin before and during World War II. Created by writer Kevin Zoldan (Unbroken), the series is drawn by Abel García. The first book, Kitty’s Bordello: Hope, Book 1, was released on June 28. 

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The Nazi Party has taken over Germany. Now, they target a brothel so they can spy on their comrades.

Madame Kitty runs an upscale and classy brothel in Berlin, the Salon Kitty. Her life is fabulous and carefree, until she realizes that someone has been following her. While making her getaway, she is stopped on the border. Vulnerable and defenseless, she has no other choice but to help the Nazi Party.

Kitty’s Bordello is a gritty look at the past, with a climax that is distinguished and unforgettable. This tale will propel the strength of femininity.

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Kitty's Bordello
Kitty's Bordello