Uncharted Wilderness Studios has a new series launching in stores today April 19, and it’s a good match for you Small Press Spotlight fans who favor a retro vibe. The World of Tomorrow is a sci-fi comedy set in 1950s Hollywood and is a departure from the publisher’s premiere book, the horror/western Rougarou.
Check out the details below:
Set in 1950s Hollywood, The World of Tomorrow follows the adventure of Craig Barstow, the burned-out lead actor of the (formerly) #1 sci-fi TV show, aptly named: The World of Tomorrow. When the show is canceled, and the mob comes calling for his unpaid gambling debts, a failed hit job leaves him delusional and believing he actually is the show’s valiant protagonist: Captain Cal Armstrong. Now, with the mob on his tail, and the tyrannical studio boss at his throat, he must find a way to keep his show on the air, regain his sanity, and get the mob off his tail, all before the show’s final 5 pm broadcast. 
The genre-bending premiere series from Uncharted Wilderness Studios launches in stores on April 19th.  


The new comic “pays homage to (and pokes fun of) the tropes of both science fiction and Hollywood as a whole.” Writer and filmmaker Giles Clarke is at the helm.

“I’ve always been intrigued with the early days of television and life in the Atomic Age”, said Clarke. “The hopefulness and naivete about how the future would look was in stark contrast to the darkness of WWII that they had just gone through. That juxtaposition provided a great backdrop for the character of Craig Barstow, a man whose own mentality is totally at odds with itself.”

World of Tomorrow

Art for the series is by Kenan Halilović, who has drawn for such titles as Legacy and Witch Creek Road.

“Kenan really captured an accurate look and feel of the time period”, explained Clarke. “Going into production, we had a reference deck of historical photos of every location, character, costume, prop, and vehicle. Anything that was going on the page was in that deck. In addition to his technical accuracy, Kenan’s ability to portray nuanced emotion in the characters really landed the comedy and the drama in every panel.”

Costa Rican colorist Felipe Obando (Rough JusticeThe American Beast, and Sleepwalkers) and AndWorld Design (founded by Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated letterer Deron Bennett) round out the creative team.

The World of Tomorrow is a six-issue limited series, with issue #1 available today. Check out a few panels below!

World of Tomorrow World of Tomorrow World of Tomorrow World of Tomorrow