I know it’s only Tuesday, but we’re doing a special early edition of the Small Press Spotlight this week so you can get an exclusive sneak preview of Renegade Arts Entertainment’s latest graphic novel dropping tomorrow February 16. Siegfried: Dragon Slayer from Canadian comic creators Mark Allard-Will (Saskatch-A-Man, Årkade) and Jasmine Redford is the first comic book adaptation of the Norse Volsunga saga, the mythic oral story that inspired The Hobbit.

Read the official synopsis below:

“Impulsive young Prince Siegfried craves glory and recognition from his aloof parents, the king and queen of Denmark. Starting a war with a neighbouring country and seeking out the most feared dragon in the realm seems like a good place to start.

An epic tale full of action, adventure, mythological beasts, magical swords, powerful rings, and a treacherous companion.

Adapted from the ancient Norse mythological Völsunga Saga, Siegfried: Dragon Slayer is the first in a two-part series by Canadians Mark Allard-Will and Jasmine Redford.”

Check out the book trailer featuring Allard-Will:


The Penny University bookstore in Regina, Saskatchewan will host a launch event for the book on February 26. In the meantime, take a peek at some preview pages below, especially the unique watercolor washes that incorporate coffee into the mix. 

To order, head to the publisher’s website here.