This week we’re turning our attention to an indie comic that you can snag on PatreonWho Killed Sarah Shaw was created by Adam Markiewicz (artist/letterer) and Frankee White (writer), and if you’re a fan of true crime like I am, the comic is definitely a must-read. 
The series is currently running through Markiewicz’s Patreon page. The first five pages are free and all pages are available for $1 per month. And after the first few pages, you’ll definitely be hooked on solving the mystery.
Read the synopsis here:
WHO KILLED SARAH SHAW? follows Jes & Dave, two struggling true crime content creators who insert themselves into a 40-year-old cold case. But secrets like to stay buried. Can they solve Sarah Shaw’s murder or will they end up in an early grave like her?
To read Who Killed Sarah Shaw, join here. Check out the cover and the first five pages below!